How Are Students Empowered by AI Redefining Education Spaces?
We Are Finding Out

Room: E143-144

Audience: Educators

Call to Action: Identify suitable AI tools and resources, assess infrastructural needs, and understand the ethical considerations involved in AI deployment.

Abstract: Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is changing the way we learn, work, and experience the world around us. The integration of AI in education and design gives us the opportunity to reimagine learning spaces through the lens of those whom it matters most: the students. Leaders from the Ottawa Area ISD and GMB are leading an AI-powered design workshop giving students a platform to generate their own ideas for the future of learning spaces. Access to this AI technology provides an equitable experience for students of all backgrounds to learn and gives them new tools and language to express their ideas. We will share how this workshop format engages students in the design process, giving them the agency to imagine their future education spaces and think differently about their own learning objectives.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how the workshop was facilitated and the integration of student-generated concepts in educational design.
  2. Understand how giving students’ choice and agency in decision making positively impacts their outlook on learning.
  3. Recognize that using AI within educational settings is a tool that can support traditional learning while reaching underserved student populations.
  4. Create an understanding of how to use one of the many AI frameworks and be able to create a comprehensive plan for integrating AI technologies within educational spaces.
Dave Tebo
Dave Tebo
Director of Innovation Services, Ottawa Area ISD

David is the passionate Director of Innovation Services for the Ottawa Area Intermediate school District (OAISD) in West Michigan. He spent 15 years as a district superintendent relentlessly seeking ways to meet the needs of EACH student so they can THRIVE. David has been an elementary teacher, building principal, the President of MASA, and currently sits on the Board of Lakeshore Advantage and the Board of the Great Ottawa County United Way.

Jeff Hoag, AIA, LEED AP
Jeff Hoag, AIA, LEED AP
Educational Planner, GMB

Jeff is an Educational Planner with GMB and works within our K12 and Higher Education teams. Jeff partners with design teams to examine client’s education needs, current learning environments, and curricular enhancements. He has a deep understanding of the educational ecosystem and a passion for helping school communities support students and transformational educators. An architect by training, Jeff has worked with educational institutions for more than 20 years, impacting educators and students across the Midwest.

Core Competency

Educational Visioning
Exhibits an understanding of best and next practices related to educational leadership, programming, teaching, learning, planning and facility design. Establishes credibility with educators, community members and design professionals while conceiving and leading a community-based visioning process. Demonstrates the ability to articulate the impact of learning environments on teaching and learning and uses that ability to facilitate a dialogue that uncovers the unique needs and long-range goals of an educational institution and its stakeholders – translating that into an actionable written/graphic program of requirements for the design practitioner.

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