Transforming Education by Design

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The learning that happens in most schools is pre-determined by a design best suited for an industrial, mass-production model. In short, “school hardware” severely limits the “educational software” it can run. The unintended consequence of traditional school design is that curriculum and pedagogy are not based on what today’s complex world demands, but driven by the learning a typical classroom-based school will allow.

This presentation will go beyond strategies to modify obsolete school buildings. It will also show how the obsolete physical shape of schools points to a far more troubling reality that education itself has become obsolete. Thus, by reshaping schools to represent true Learning Buildings (dynamic spaces that can adapt rapidly to a variety of learning modalities), we will also have an opportunity to physically manifest new, relevant and more powerful philosophies of learning.

Showcasing several international school design case studies featuring both new buildings and renovations, this presentation will provide specific and immediately usable ideas to transform learning, the learning environment for all students and, by extension, education itself.


Prakash Nair

Prakash Nair, AIA

Founding President & CEO
Education Design International

Prakash Nair is a futurist, a visionary architect and the Founding President & CEO of Education Design International (EDI). Prakash established EDI as an umbrella organization that brings together the best school architecture with research-driven innovations in a number of other industries including education, environmental science, neurology, psychology and child development.

Companies establish by Prakash have done consultations in 52 countries on six continents. He is the recipient of many international awards including the A4LE MacConnell Award – that his company won twice.

He has written extensively in leading international journals about school design. He is the author of three books including the new landmark publication, Learning by Design: Live | Play | Engage | Create, The Language of School Design now in its 3rd edition, and Blueprint for Tomorrow: Redesigning Schools for Student-Centered Learning published by the Harvard Education Press.

Prakash served as an instructor for Harvard X Leaders of Learning led by Harvard’s Dr. Richard Elmore. This course has over 159,000 registrants worldwide.

Prior to co-founding Education Design International, Prakash worked for 10 years as Director of Operations for a multibillion-dollar school construction program for New York City – the largest school construction program in the world.

Roni Zimmer Doctori

Principal Architect
Education Design International

Roni Zimmer Doctori has over 17 years of professional architectural and project management experience. Before joining EDI, she served as an Architect and Design Team Leader at AlefBet Planners in Israel. She is a co-author of the new and highly acclaimed book on school design titled, Learning by Design: Live | Play | Engage | Create.

She has lectured, conducted workshops, presented keynote conference talks and delivered a full day Masterclass on school design in different parts of the world including Australia and Canada.

Her portfolio of educational work includes various schools throughout Israel. For the past three years, Roni has collaborated on innovative educational projects including the nationally renowned GOGYA Teacher Training Academy developed by the AMIT Network of schools. During this time, she has traveled to/worked on projects in Australia, Canada, India, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Timor Leste and the United States. 

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