Transforming from the Ground up with Technology









1 Learning Units (LU)

How applies to HSW:

At Microsoft, our vision is to empower every student on the planet to achieve more. We are excited to collaborate more deeply on new projects to create amazing new places to learn, collaborating with architects, designers, project teams and partners around the world. This session will touch on learning from global projects to create environments conducive to 1:1 learning environments and challenge the way we think about spaces to create, code and make.

Learning Objectives:
  •  Learn about latest ideas on device procurement to support 1:1 learning environments, including student and
    educator devices and smart devices, and when to use what for different learning styles.
  • Learn perspectives on STEM and curriculum for physical computing to support environments to make and
  • Learn about Microsoft’s approach to creating places to learn using the Education Transformation Framework
    and School Tenets.
  • Learn from examples of schools around the world who are in the process of building a new school.