LearningSCAPES Tour & Workshop  –  8:00 am Departure


Arrival: 9AM,
Breakfast: 9AM – 9:45AM
Design Workshop: 9:45 – 11AM
School Tour: 11AM – 12PM
Depart School: 12PM

Bryan Ballegeer, VP of Education Markets for KI

Tour Leader:
Jeff Bott, Division Head, Career and Technical Education

LU: 2.25

Learning is a byproduct of culture, context, and activity, which makes designing for authentic change all the more challenging. In this session, we will use design thinking to sprint through an experiential immersion in designing for change. Designing intentional drivers that support a culture inspires human-centered innovation that has a transformative impact on learning. By way of democratizing creative confidence, you can solve complex problems at your institution in meaningful, specific ways.


  • Frame expeditions at home with warm-up activities that encourage creative confidence
  • Pattern map qualitative, human-centered ideas and convert them into actionable drivers
  • Design lo-fidelity prototypes that help advance change projects with intention
  • Practice design thinking at the intersection of instructional practice and physical space


***Please note: for security measures photos of students are not allowed during the tour. ***