(RE) Thinking Security and Safety in the School Environment; Inviting to the Community and Safe for our Children

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Paul Timm
Facility Engineering Associates

Jay Johnson
Legat Architects

John Butts
Dr of Education and Superintendent of Medinah SD
Medinah School District 11

Robin Randall
Principal at Legat Architects


2 Learning Units/Health, Safety, Welfare (LU/HSW)

How applies to HSW:

The presentation is about the Safety and Security in School Environments and Sites.  Please read the Learning Objectives.  Much Appreciated.


Safety and security in the school environment continues to be the top concern in communities around the world.  Medinah School District 11, Legat Architects, and Facility Engineering Associates have teamed to address a new security strategy for the district that continues to be welcoming to the community but secure for the students.  This program will start with the big picture of security shared by our national security expert.  What are the threats and what do schools need to be prepared for now and in the future. We will share specific control measures for school day and extracurricular events.  We will host a workshop portion where the audience will break into small groups and generate security concerns and goals for a specific elementary school environments.  These concepts will be shared back to the larger group.   Our team of architects will then share examples of facility solutions including community college homeland security training facilities, administration facilities command centers, high school safety strategies, elementary and middle school implementations, and early learning centers.  What are the challenges of creating welcoming and inviting environments and disguising the security elements?  We want the security of lockdown, tornado shelters, vision into classrooms, and clear communication.  We will break into small groups and design a solution for an existing primary elementary school, reporting back to the larger group.  Finally we will generate a checklist for school districts, facilities directors, and educational planners to use for future projects.

Learning Objectives:
  • Discover how specific access control measures can assist in furnishing a safe learning environment.;
  • Assess which security measures best protect students, staff and visitors during extracurricular events.
  • Acquire guidelines and tools for developing effective emergency plans, including web-based security planning resources. ;
  • Brainstorm and design a security strategy for an existing primary elementary school implementing a security vestibule and other site-specific safety measures.
Primary Competency:

Design of Educational Facilities: Acts as a resource to the design team in providing ongoing guidance and support to ensure that the emerging and ultimate design aligns with the established community vision, education goals, future programming, written design standards, best/next practices and education policy.

Primary Domain:

Toolbox: Content of this session/workshop will focus on the approaches, methods and applications when transitioning from design and concept into reality, actual existence through quality performance, execution and/or product.

Secondary Domain:

Parameters: Content of this session/workshop will focus on the aspects and guidelines of a project often regulated or administered by other entities, organizations, and/or governing agencies.

Additional information: Goals for this session is that the audience would actively participate in learning about Safety and Security – typically a dry topic – we promise to make it fun and engaging so that the audience will learn something!