The intricacies and challenges of urban school districts are more prevalent than ever.  It has become increasingly difficult to market and attract families to an urban environment because of many factors, such as newer buildings provided by suburban school districts and the evolution of charter schools and private schools.  This keynote speech will focus on Dr. Hinojosa’s experiences as an urban superintendent in 3 different school districts:  Dallas ISD (twice) and Cobb County school district in Georgia.  He has also served as a suburban superintendent in several places.  He will discuss his personal life and upbringing and how it prepared him to serve as an urban superintendent.   No one ever has all the answers, but Dr. Hinojosa will engage the audience with personal stories, and talk about the many challenges and successes that have occurred in Dallas ISD.


2 Learning Units (LU)


Learning Objectives
1)      The continual and dramatic evolution of urban school districts.

2)      What is causing the declining enrollment in public school districts and what can be done.

3)      Why is education the great equalizer?

4)      Importance of education for lower socio-economic student.