Utilizing Research to Impact and Understand the Long-term Effects of School Design

12:00 PM – 3:00 PM 


Every design decision has an effect, both intended and unintended. Employing research methodologies from beginning to end of the design process can provide meaningful insights into the outcomes of design decisions. This session will explore two case studies, Pathfinder Kindergarten Center and Canyon View High School, to explore the research methods used, and how they can provide designers, educators, and district administration with tools and information to make more informed decisions. This session will provide participants with information on how to go about deploying research on your own project in the following ways:
• How to get started, and things to consider early in the process
• How to develop and implement a research plan
• How to produce results and share with the broader community
Anyone working in the design of schools shares a belief that the built environment can have a profound impact on its occupants. This session is a call to action for all those that want to ensure that we are making conscious and informed decisions to produce lasting, positive effects.

#1: Learn how research was applied in two recent case studies and the results of that research.
#2: Learn how to get started and what are some things you need to consider early in the process.
#3: Learn how to develop and implement a research plan
#4: Learn how to produce results and share with the broader community.

Design of Educational Facilities: Acts as a resource to the design team in providing ongoing guidance and support to ensure that the emerging and ultimate design aligns with the established community vision, education goals, future programming, written design standards, best/next practices and education policy.

Assessment of the School Facility: The ability to objectively evaluate a learning environment post-occupancy and utilize the data to improve future projects. Implements a plan for educational commissioning that provides guidance on how to use and maximize the learning environment to meet the foundational vision in the planning phase.

Raechel French, PhD, Candidate Educational Planner, DLR Group
Raechel is an educational planner with a focus on K-12 learning environments. She received a double degree from Texas A&M University in Architecture and Psychology. In addition, Raechel attended Cornell University for her post-graduate work in Facility Planning and Management and is working towards her Doctorate remotely with the University of Melbourne. Her unique background allows her to be an efficient and knowledgeable resource for both school districts and design teams.

AJ Sivakumar, Designer, DLR Group
AJ is a designer with a passion for designing K-12 learning environments. She holds two degrees in architecture: a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies from the University of Texas and a Master’s of Architecture from the University of Cincinnati. She believes that research is essential in creating meaningful environments and that as research evolves, so should design.

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