NOVEMBER 2   |  12:30 – 4:30pm
CHICAGO, IL (During LearningSCAPES)


Public education is being scrutinized today. Safety for schoolchildren has the nation’s attention. Every aspect of educational safety and security is under review and school districts are contemplating best practices to employ to safeguard both students and staff.

The above statement is included in the preface of the document Safe Schools – A Best Practices Guide which was the outcome of a 2013 Summit Conducted by the Association.
This problem statement is still at the forefront of our industry.  Though we have made some impact in the design of safer schools since 2013, everyone would agree that we need to do more to ensure the safety of our students and educators.
The Safe Schools Symposium at the 2018 A4LE LearningSCAPES will be a venue to present sub-committee research, vet resources and knowledge gathered, share information and solicit Association Members’ input for the production of the updated Safe Schools Guide.  The guide is envisioned to be a core knowledge, “gateway” resource to be available to the public through the A4LE Knowledge Center.

To Sign Up,  Email Carla Cummins

To date, the Task Force has been formed to include over
60 participants from the school planning and design industry including:

• School planning and design professionals
• Law enforcement (federal, state and/or local)
• Departments of Education
• Teachers working in the Classroom

• School Administrators
• Parents and Community
• Behavioral/ Psychologists

• School Policy Experts
• Emergency Management/ Disaster Preparedness
• State Public School Facilities Commissions

Four sub-committees have been working in the areas of school facilities; procedure and policy; preparedness and response; educators, student and community.