Managing Risk Through Design-Build Procurement and Delivery


Robynne Parkinson

Thaxton Parkinson


1 Learning Units (LU)

How applies to HSW:

Design-Build procurement and delivery is no longer an “alternative” delivery method. Most public entities have the regulatory authority to utilize the delivery method. In this session, Robynne Thaxton Parkinson, attorney and nationally recognized expert in design-build, will discuss how design-build can help owners better manage their risk in construction. This session will go deeper than a simple “design-build 101” discussion. Design-build is not a panacea that eliminates risk on a construction project. Robynne will also discuss common pitfalls owners should avoid and how owners can manage their risk on the project through the delivery method. Robynne will also discuss how owners can more thoroughly engage stakeholders such as teachers and administrators in the design-build process, ultimately resulting in an optimal project for all parties.

Learning Objectives:
  • In depth understanding of the risks for owners in design-build procurement and delivery;
  • How an owner can use the procurement process to manage its risk during delivery
  • Effective engagement of stakeholders, such as teachers and administrators, in every stage of the project;
  • Common pitfalls owners should avoid in using design-build
Primary Competency:

Educational Facility Implementation, Project Management/Project Delivery: Has a working understanding of how the following areas impact the facility program: regulations and policies; project delivery methodologies; scheduling; preventative maintenance; life-cycle planning; and systems commissioning.

Primary Domain:

Context: Content of this session/workshop will focus on the circumstances that form the setting for the design and construction of specific learning environments and characteristics that distinguishes the project from other applications.

Secondary Domain:

Process: Content of this session/workshop will focus on the importance of quality processes and practices implemented by the project team when creating learning environments. The who, what, when and how of various disciplines and applications.

Additional information:

My primary goal is to provide another tool for schools to be able to maximize efficiency in design and construction of educational facilities. Design-build has great potential not only for school districts to be efficient and effective in their project delivery but also to provide a collaborative environment for project stakeholders to both provide input into the process and to learn from it.