Turned On and Tuned In: The Essence of Leadership in Achieving the Excellence in Your People, Products (Service) and Position

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM


You can have the world’s greatest educational program, award winning school facilities, backed up by a fiscally sound business plan and operational program, but if your people (from the school district receptionist to the superintendent and all of the supporting departments) and your clients...students, teachers, parents, community, politicians, vendors...aren’t tuned in you might as well forget it. People make the difference and if there is no buy-in from “the people” there is no leadership to be had. Doing business today and surviving isn’t all about delivering a product or a service faster or putting a spin on a product (or educational package) to make it seem better. People want results, long lasting results that satisfy and fortify them in the long run. District Facilities and M&O teams have long been the champions of lasting results. After all, they are the ones who most often have to live with the decisions that affect their jobs for long periods of time. These decisions are handed down by members of the board who are short term and not involved in long term investments. The essence of this workshop in being “TUNED IN and TURNDED ON” to the factors that make the difference in having buy-in for the long term vs. just skating by. Facilities Planning professional understand that “customers” are mostly influenced by the way they are handled moment to moment and they urge their people to WOW their customers. They believe developing a loyal, service-friendly (including paying on time) culture that is built on relationships develops on a one-person at a time platform. Living by example is the best motivator in achieving excellence and getting your team including the board members and community groups, unions, etc. turned on and tuned in.

#1: Understand the profound power of relationships in the marketplace
#2: Learn to listen and then implement (listen to all members of the team)
#3: Begin a road map on how to achieve the payoffs and possibilities that result from “turned on” people and customers
#4: Learn the vital insights of long-term success and achieving excellence from building a strong foundation to making every “customer” feel special, remembering to simplify, simplify, simplify, to unleashing the power of people and finally leading with care

Ethics/Professionalism: Provides leadership and stewardship for the responsible investment of public and private funding into school facilities – while being a known advocate for the importance of the learning environment on a child’s future. They lead and have a record of leading transparent processes that help communities find common ground in developing solutions to complex and sensitive issues – advocating for long term solutions that address the needs of all children and stakeholders including underserved groups.

Julie Williams, Director of Marketing, COLBI
Julie currently serves as a member of the Executive Committee as Chair for the Association for Learning Environments. In her professional capacity, She serves on the leadership team for COLBI, a firm dedicated to serving school district facilities and fiscal serves teams in managing their capital building programs through innovative software tools and expertise. Julie’s dedication to educational facilities planning spans nearly 30 years and includes a portfolio of projects that represent the spectrum of PK-12 and higher educational facilities for both public and private institutions. Prior to joining COLBI, Julie served as a leader and facilities planning expert for a K-8 school district in Orange County California. Through her leadership and insight, the district was able to realize a transformation in direction and NextGen teaching and learning. Julie had the chance to put into practice many of her life-long learning experiences gained over her 30 years of educational facilities planning and leadership.

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