Capture the elephant in the room: Learn what best ball golf, project-based learning, and successful projects have in common


Khary Knowles
Executive Director – Education, Vanir CM

Brandon Ross
Associate Principal and Client Executive, PBK Architects


Learning Units (LU)

How applies to HSW:

Have you ever wished that you could use your best-ball golf score for your golf handicap? Don’t you love seeing the advanced results of students using Project-based Learning? How can we get those same astounding results on every design and construction project? The answer is obvious and typically in the room standing right next to you. Hint: It’s one of the 4 C’s! Together, let’s use brain-based learning to explore the psychological and innovative ways that best-ball golf and Project-based Learning are successful, and apply that to our project planning process.

Learning Objectives:
  • Create a planning and design environment for success based on educational pedagogy.
  • Develop pro-social tools to enhance best management practices.
  • Understand the exponential power of diversity within an organization.
  • Generate reliable outcomes through enhanced problem-solving skills.