Through the Looking Glass: Reflections on the Future of Learning

Association for Learning Environments (A4LE)

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This session will share the thoughts, ideas and findings that resulted as a steering committee of architects and educators nationwide joined together in 2020 to determine how schools must change. Convened by the Center for College & Career Readiness, this group brainstormed what the essential experiences and activities that needed to happen in schools given the climax of events in 2020. Starting with the overarching educational vision of “Teachers and students form a community of learners,” the committee developed five visions for school transformation. These five visions were further developed to identify desired behaviors and activities, culminating in concepts for the design and planning of learning environments. The five visions for school transformation are:

  1. All learners can bring all of themselves into the space and there is no judgment because we embrace and allow people to be who they really are.
  2. Decenter the adults and center the students by creating experiences where learners can be collective in their exploration of pathways that are engaging to them.
  3. Create a safe space (physically, socially, and emotionally) for learners to identify problems, engage in meaningful dialogue that honors different perspectives and backgrounds, and provides opportunities to share what might be, perhaps even the patent for the solution.
  4. Flexibility in learning, instead of answers and a step-by-step guide, learners experience choice in a journey to constantly seek new knowledge to add to what they know today.
  5. Bring into the space the power of vulnerability, which often elicits creativity in a way that is not prescribed to promote learner voice and ownership.

This session will be a moderated panel that will include educators and architects that participated in this effort, as well as students that will help further refine these concepts and ideas for schools today.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain knowledge about the collaborative brainstorming process that was used as part of this effort and that yielded a successful outcome.
  2. Learn what the essential skills and activities that need to happen in schools in order for teachers and students to thrive.
  3. Recognize key concepts for school design and planning that allow for a true community of learners.
  4. Calibrate their own design and planning concepts to ensure schools that will serve a diverse community of learners.

Irene Nigaglioni, President, IN2 ARCHITECTURE, INC.
Irene is an international leader in designing educational environments. The foundation of her success is Irene’s own love of learning, which drives her to stay abreast of the latest trends in school design and ensures her client’s buildings incorporate the latest instructional, curriculum and technology advances. As a result, she creates innovative learning spaces that are designed with student success in mind. Irene’s fascination with the role of design in creating successful learning experiences inspired her to found IN2 Architecture. Irene is an active member of A4LE and a past recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of her contributions to the field of educational facility planning.

Page Dettman, PhD, ALEP, Chief Education Evangelist, Meteor Education
Page is the Chief Education Evangelist at MeTEOR Education. She is a national voice in educational research and best practice conversations on leading cultural change, the science of how we learn, and connecting learning and space. A former teacher and administrator, she serves on the ALEP faculty and the Board for the Global Center for College and Career Readiness. Page received her PhD from the University of Oregon in Educational Policy and Management.

Judith Hoskens, Assoc. AIA, REFP, LEED AP, Principal, BNDRY Studio
Judy’s passion lies in creating environments that welcome and embrace ALL learners. Her strengths include facilitating authentic community engagement conversations that meaningfully involve all stakeholders. Her influence extends nationally and internationally having served as a past Chair of A4LE and as the 2022 Chair of AIACAE. She is a recipient of A4LE’s Lifetime Achievement award recognizing her contributions to educational facility planning. Her insatiable curiosity fuels her passion to continually explore the edge of learning.

Association for Learning Environments (A4LE)

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October 14-17
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