Boulder Tour

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Tour 1: Halcyon Middle School (6th -8th) – Boulder Valley School District
This school is a special education facility for Boulder Valley School District. The project is a 15,000SF addition to an existing building, replacing a wing that was originally constructed in 1955. The addition includes classrooms, a cafeteria/multipurpose room, administration and a library. The remainder of the existing building has also undergone a significant renovation to create a new, modern educational environment.

Tour 2: University Hill Elementary School (PK-5th) – Boulder Valley School District
This is an historic elementary school for the Boulder Valley School District and was originally constructed in 1905. An addition to the school at the Cafeteria and second floor provided increased space for meals and instruction. Work completed at the school includes air conditioning retrofit, replacing finishes, window replacement, and a kitchen and administration renovation. There is a new playground with a climbing area and an outdoor learning area.

Tour 3: The University of Colorado Boulder Aerospace Engineering Sciences (AES) Building
This building was originally designed as the ‘Center of Gravity’ for the Aerospace Department. The new building is specifically designed for students, researchers, and private partners to collaborate. Inspired by principles of aerospace engineering, the building was designed from the inside out, ensuring the goals for collaborative research and hands-on learning drove the layout. At 180,000 GSF, the building offers a mix of active-learning classrooms, lecture classrooms, offices, laboratories and collaborative lounge spaces.

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West Tour

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Tour 1: Warren Tech South Career and Technical Education (9th-12th)
Warren Tech South is a high school CTE program open to all Jeffco Public School students. This project is a part of the Jeffco Public Schools 2018 Bond Program. The one-story 28,000 SF school specializes in audio and video production, hospitality, physical therapy, and Aviation programs. The center of the school holds a 200-seat theatre for students to perform and learn lighting, rigging, sound and video design. An airplane hangar houses the aviation program where students are able to work on full scale airplanes and simulators. The design for the school is inspired by the idea of craftsmanship on display, where the building is a teaching tool for the students.

Tour 2: Kendrick Lakes Elementary School (PK-5th)
Kendrick Lakes Elementary in Jefferson County School District is a replacement neighborhood school serving 500 PK-5 students. Across 58,000 square feet, the new school prioritizes flexible and collaborative learning areas, natural daylighting, and access to outdoor space. Kendrick Lakes opened to students in August 2021.

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North Tour

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Tour 1: FutureForward at Washington Square – Adams 12 5 Star Schools
This is the district's second career and technical education campus, opened to students in October 2020. The new campus, along with a renovation to the existing Bollman campus, will accommodate 80 percent more students across the district in CTE opportunities. Career and Technical Education (CTE) at Adams 12 Five Star Schools provides multiple pathways to a wide range of in-demand careers with competitive salaries. Available to all high school students in the Five Star District, CTE courses combine rigorous academics with technical skills in hands-on learning environments. Prior to the 2016 bond, due to limited classroom space, the district was unable to accommodate all students interested in CTE. Tour 02: Kendrick Lakes Elementary School (PK-5th). Kendrick Lakes Elementary in Jefferson County School District is a replacement neighborhood school serving 500 PK-5 students. Across 58,000 square feet, the new school prioritizes flexible and collaborative learning areas, natural daylighting, and access to outdoor space. Kendrick Lakes opened to students in August 2021.

Tour 2: Riverview PK-8 – Thompson School District
As the largest project in Thompson’s successful 2018 bond election, community and stakeholder buy-in and transparency of process was critical for success. This 125,000 sf PK-8 school’s design successfully embodies the shared vision developed through this inclusive, open and transparent design process. Throughout the school are moments to encourage learning and inspire curiosity: walls peel back to reveal labeled building infrastructure. A silhouette of the Rocky Mountain Range from Long's Peak to Stormy Peaks with labeled elevations runs down the main hallway. A geological section of Devil's Backbone, a prominent geological feature in Northern Colorado, is reflected in the flooring pattern in the Commons.

Tour 3: Justice High School – Boulder Valley School District
Justice High School is a unique alternative charter high school located in Boulder Valley School District. The 9,700 SF building was originally constructed in 1979 as a day care center. After undergoing many small renovations, the district pursued a BEST Grant in 2019 to fully renovate the facility's interior to create functional learning environments with space for collaboration. A favorable bidding environment and the ability to start construction in spring 2020 enabled the team to fully stretch the $1.6M construction budget and impact the entire facility.

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Central Tour

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Tour 1: Burwell Center for Career Achievement  University of Denver 
This beautiful and sustainable 21,000 square foot CLT space serves as a centralized hub to facilitate connections throughout the DU community and is part of the University-wide Denver Advantage projects. The Burwell Center, opened in September 2020 provides a warm and welcoming space for student career development, alumni engagement, student employment, and employer connections. The building was designed specifically to facilitate connections across the DU community to support student and alumni professional and life success.

Tour 2: Anderson Academic Commons – University of Denver
The newly renovated LEED Certified Academic Commons is a popular place for students to gather on the University of Denver Campus and houses the campuses main library. On this tour you will not only be able to see the how an existing building was able to achieve LEED Certification but also observe some of the unique solar features on the roof.

Tour 3: Cherry Creek Innovation Campus – Cherry Creek School District
The Cherry Creek Innovation Campus is a stand-alone college and career preparedness facility accessible to high school students in Cherry Creek Schools. With curriculum rooted in real-world skills and trade certifications ranging from computer sciences to aviation to health sciences, this facility offers students a new kind of bridge to college and viable, successful careers. Under the Career and Technical Education (CTE) umbrella, the CCIC will expand the district’s commitment to preparing students for the academic and professional demands of the 21st century. The student learning experience will mimic state-of-the-art work environments, with a focus on putting learners in an industry-based culture and climate. High schools will continue to host a wide range of CTE programs. This new facility will enhance current programming, and will also be home to more advanced and sophisticated educational opportunities for students.

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South Tour

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Tour 1: Castle View High School – Douglas County School District
Castle View High School is one of several prototype high schools in the Douglas County School District. The school was originally planned to have an addition, known as “The F-Pod”. Due to lack of funding this addition was delayed nearly 20 years. When the 2018 bond passed, the “F-Pod” became a reality as a new CTE Addition for the high school. The addition was just completed in August of this year and Castle View’s nationally recognized journalism program now has state of the art recording and production spaces that the students began to utilize even before school started. The new science and engineering labs have made participation in these specialized courses more equitable to all students.

Tour 2: Ford Elementary School – Littleton Public Schools
Ford Elementary School is a new elementary school for the Littleton Public School District. As the facilities in this community were aging significantly it had been decade since a new elementary school was built. The new school was designed utilizing a unique Design Advisory Group process and a special collaboration was developed between several design firms to enhance security.

Tour 3: Newton Middle School – Littleton Public Schools
The new Newton Middle School is a replacement school for the existing middle school that was built in the 1960s. The new school features large classrooms and was designed through an unconventional Design Advisory Group process. The building also features classrooms sizes and layouts that were developed in collaboration with the end user and a design collaborative among several firms contributed to the unique security features.

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East Tour

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Tour 1: Virginia Court Elementary School
Virginia Court Elementary School is a 1960’s era small school that was remodeled to current district educational specifications through additions and renovations. The Whole Building Remodel program has been used by the school district in the past four bond programs as a way to balance achieving educational equity in all district buildings with limited bond funds. An important component of the district’s 2016 bond program was creating safe and secure learning environments and this remodel addressed that challenge.

Tour 2: Harmony Ridge P8 School
Aurora Public Schools comprises an older urban center dating to the late 19th century and an expanding suburban eastern edge. When the city of Aurora’s eastern expansion started in the early years of the 21st century, the district switched from an elementary/middle/high school model to an PK-8/high school model. The district spent a year writing an educational specification for PK-8 schools and another year designing a prototypical P8 school. Harmony Ridge P-8 opened in 2020 and is the third of the district’s three P-8’s built on the prototype design.

Tour 3: East Middle School Hard Hat Tour
East Middle School was scheduled to receive a whole building remodel in the 2016 bond program but following a schematic design process, the district decided to pursue a BEST grant to replace the school instead of remodel it. The first grant application, a full replacement, was denied but the second application, a partial replacement was approved in 2020. A large addition is under construction and will be completed in December of this year and demolition of the existing building that it replaces will begin in the spring of 2022. Remodel of the gym building, the auditorium and the fine arts building will complete the project by fall of 2022.

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