Raising the Bar on High Needs Specialized Education

Association for Learning Environments (A4LE)

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How do you change Specialized Education, especially for students with high needs - well, by listening to them! Through engaging the students, the design literally changed course when the architects and educators heard what these students had to say. This session will show the techniques used to solicit input from this unique student group and the resulting changes to the design of their “college experience” Transition Program facility. An examination of the unique learning needs that drove the design of the facility will be presented. The team will also present the art installations the students and graphic designers collaborated on to inspire current and future student generations.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore the unique solutions employed to enable and inspire high needs mentally and physically disabled learners.
  2. Compare strategies for learning environments for high need learners to “traditional” learners.
  3. Explore a unique educational and student engagement approaches utilized to create success for high needs learners to be healthy, productive members of society.
  4. Understand the innovative lighting, ventilation, security, and learning environment design features with extremely heightened HSW needs students.

Cleve Reeves, AIA, Principal, BVH Architecture
Cleve has considerable experience in all phases of design from pre-bond engagements, programming, and master planning through construction. His skills in formulating client centered concepts and ideas help bring teams together in a collaborative process. Cleve leads BVH’s future-focused learning space design initiatives, shaping BVH’s practice and projects to deeper levels of achievement. With his calm inquisitive approach, project challenges are ushered through the inherently complex layers to successful resolution. 

Shana Frodyma, Program Director, Omaha Public Schools
Shana currently leads the Omaha Public Schools Transition Program. This unique and innovative program helps high needs learners with extreme physical and mental disabilities transition into successful life beyond formal education. Her program works with several metro area employers to place students into the workforce while teaching needed job skills, as well as families to create support systems and success strategies for each of the 80-100 students in the program.

Matt Wegener, BVH Architecture

Association for Learning Environments (A4LE)

LearningSCAPES 2021

October 14-17
Hyatt Regency | Denver, CO