Lessons Learned: Navigating Between the “Baseline” and the “Ideal”

Room: D135-136

Furnished by: Meteor Education

Audience: Designers

Meteor Education

Call to Action:

Abstract: Through decades of experience, including the pursuit of transformation in learning experiences and settings and the architectural search for ever-more-inspiring learning environments, Page and Boris have developed extensive ’lessons learned’ in advancing the intersection of pedagogy and design.

They will share lessons that constitute the “givens,” the baseline thinking toward enhancing students’ sense of belonging and engagement. Both Page and Boris have been fortunate to lead multiple outcomes with aspects of the “ideal.” They will explain how “ideal” overlaps with a baseline for school planning and design. These lessons also debunk myths we often hear.   

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify design strategies that foster a sense of belonging and support students’ mental health and safety through enhanced connection and engagement.
  2. Examine and debunk common myths in pedagogy and design to unlock opportunities for creating safer, healthier, and more inclusive learning environments.
  3. Review planning and design principles that serve as a foundation for creating learning environments and experiences that prioritize student well-being and safety.
  4. Explore case studies demonstrating how innovative school design and experiences contribute to student engagement, belonging, and safety, promoting overall wellness and agency.
Page Dettmann, PhD, ALEP
Page Dettmann, PhD, ALEP
Chief Education Evangelist, Meteor Education

Page’s expertise interweaves learning, space, and cultural dynamics. With a Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Management from the University of Oregon, she delved deep into educational culture as a district administrator, pioneering initiatives that ignited students’ social brains through interactive and experiential learning. This approach transformed schools into vibrant and inclusive social learning communities where every learner felt a profound sense of belonging. External evaluations consistently highlighted remarkable strides in student engagement and academic and human skills mastery.

Boris Srdar, FAIA, LEED AP
Boris Srdar, FAIA, LEED AP
Principal, NAC Architecture

With a passion for architecture that inspires, Boris has focused on highly impactful users’ experiences. His work manifests a strong sensitivity to specificity of place, through dynamic dialogues between the schools and their contexts. His projects have been widely recognized, including four MacConnell finalists in the past decade. Boris holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Zagreb, Croatia, and a Master of Design Studies from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Core Competency

Educational Facility Implementation, Project Management/Project Delivery
Has a working understanding of how the following areas impact the facility program: regulations and policies; project delivery methodologies; scheduling; preventative maintenance; life-cycle planning; and systems commissioning.

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