The Learning Ecosystem of 2070

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” Alvin Toffler, Future Shock, 1970 As we look 50 years into the future, this quote from 50 years past is insightful. It perhaps portents a great “unlearning” of how we do school that jettisons all current real or perceived roadblocks such as: inequities around funding and race and opportunity, mandates, testing regimes, etc. And it requires us, without restrictions, to answer several fundamental questions.
• How do we best prepare our youth to be healthy, successful, productive, citizens of the world? • If our world needs empathetic, innovative, and creative problem-solvers, how do we engender these qualities?
• How might we elevate consciousness in public education through equity to empower every child to flourish in a world that is more connected and disruptive than ever?

This session leans on a panel of experts who will use their unique viewpoints to fast forward us into an optimistic future, each sharing a quick 5-minute Ted-style talk. Author and futurist David Houle will share mega trends that he forecasts will dramatically change society; helping us imagine their connection to education. A champion for 28,000 diverse students, Dr. Baron Davis is an authority on diversity, equity and inclusion. He will share his experiences in conscious DEI leadership and explore how deep consideration of these issues will affect education. Dr. Andy Hatton will explore how curriculum must change and how that might affect our learners and educators moving forward. Public health specialist, Dr. Erika Eitland, will explore a post-pandemic world and look toward the future of what is here to stay now and in the future. Aimee Eckmann, ALEP and Steve Turckes, ALEP will then facilitate a dynamic conversation discussing how these four viewpoints intersect around a dynamic, diverse, and immersive learning ecosystem for Elena, born in 2054 and in the 16th year of her learning journey in 2070. The last 20-30 minutes will be discussion-based engaging the audience in the further co-creation of Elena’s learning journey. Our look toward 2070 will be fun, dynamic, and engaging.

Learning Objectives:
1. Learn about the mega trends and the potential impact on learning.
2. Based on trends and discussion, gain insights that help all present co-create the 2070 learning ecosystem.
3. Gain working knowledge and insight regarding the importance of using an equity, diversity, and inclusion lens when considering the 21st learning needs of all students.
4. Understand the critical role of health and wellness for student success now and in the future.

David Houle, Futurist,
David is a futurist, thinker, and speaker. David spent more than 20 years in media and entertainment and is consistently ranked as one of the top futurists and futurist keynote speakers on the major search engines and in the world today. David has authored eight books including “Shift Ed: A Call to Action for Transforming K-12 Education in America”. Houle is Futurist in Residence and Guest Lecturer at the Ringling College of Art + Design. He is also the Honorary Futurist of the Future Business School of China, and a Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Sarasota Institute – A 21st Century Think Tank

Baron Davis, Ed.D., Superintendent, Richland School District Two
Dr. Baron R. Davis is Superintendent of Richland School District Two in Columbia, S.C. He is the first Black superintendent in the district’s 90-plus-years history. Discovering his passion and purpose early, Dr. Davis has been a trailblazer for public education for over two decades. Using personal experiences, dating back to growing up in public housing, he assesses needs and creates innovative structures to achieve goals of equity and excellence. His dedication to dismantling historical and current policies and practices that create structures and conditions of inequity and inequality in education has led to the adoption of a school board Equity Policy that commits to providing resources for student success and employing a high quality, diverse staff. Dr. Davis’ efforts recently garnered him the 2021 Dr. Effie H. Jones Humanitarian Award from The Schools Superintendents Association (AASA). This award is an annual recognition of education leaders committed to the advancement and mentorship of women and minorities, and/or addressing social justice issues among children and adults in schools.

Andy Hatton, Ed.E., Associate Superintendent for Learning & Leadership, Upper Arlington Schools
With 25 years of public education service, Andy is the Associate Superintendent for Learning & Leadership for Upper Arlington Schools. Through mentorship and coaching, he collaborates with district leaders and teachers to create authentic, equitable and meaningful learning experiences for all students. Andy brings a palatable passion to about kids and learning to his work that inspires those that work with him. Prior to his current role, Andy was the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for Dublin City Schools and has held numerous building-level positions. 

Association for Learning Environments (A4LE)

LearningSCAPES 2021

October 14-17
Hyatt Regency | Denver, CO