Interconnectedness – Towards Learning in 2070

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The literature of Jules Verne in the 1860’s predicted and inspired life and new technologies in the 20th Century. As we predict what learning could be like in 2070, we inspire ourselves by the concept of Interconnectedness, when Learning will be influenced by the mere fact that it lies at the crossroads of 6 Tenets: Self, Environment, Policy, Wellness, Technology and Uncertainty but most importantly the connections between each of them and the intertwined relationships that will occur among them. This session will explore the potential development of these Tenets, and how their progression and interconnectedness will lead to the evolution of learning as we know it.

Under Self, we will explore how the understanding of how we learn will be determined by incredible advances in customized Brain Research to better understand how each of us truly best learn. A demonstration of primary research on Brainware technology will be included. Within Environment, we will look at the ways in which the learning experiences will be impacted by the blending of physical and digital realms to create both an authentic, yet visionary and expansive student experience. Policy will look at the whole new set of rules that will dictate how, what, why and when we learn, from enhanced brain and learning, to passion-driven education. Wellness will explore the interconnectedness of our Brain, Body and Digital footprints to supports a holistic approach to the timing and appropriateness of the learning process. Through Technology we will interpolate the progression of key technologies that will affect the learning process such as Artificial Intelligence, Brain Enhancement, Transtemporal Learning, and Super Skills, and will suggest how those evolutions will impact learning in 2070. Finally, we will touch on Uncertainty and how various variations of our immediate future could start to suggest very different visions of 2070.

Learning Objectives:

  1. We will look back at History to help inform about how we start to think about learning in 2070. We will discover how carefully looking at the literature from Jules Verne and Ray Kurzweil among others, and the insights from the Institute for the Future could help us frame how we vision learning in 50 years.
  2. We will Explore and suggest why the concept of Interconnectedness will become increasingly more and more critical and important to the learning process.
  3. We will share the evolution of the 6 Tenets that will drive education in 2070: : Self, Environment, Policy, Wellness, Technology and Uncertainty.
  4. We will demonstrate Brainware technology, and share other transcending technologies and developing innovations that will impact our view of what Learning could be like in 2070.

Tomas Jimenez-Eliaeson, AIA, LEED, Design Partner, Little
Tomas is a Partner and Design Principal for the Community Practice at Little, an industry leading architecture and design firm with more than 400 professionals in five locations across the country. Tomas is focused on projects that fuse typological redefinitions and environmentally conscious design with leading-edge technology and innovation. He is highly passionate about the future of education and has written about the Immersive Learningscape, a transformative design approach for Learning environments 

Association for Learning Environments (A4LE)

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October 14-17
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