The Building Blocks of Transformative Change

Historical precedence places us on the precipice of transformative change in education and the built environment. A long period of innovation awaits, but are we prepared? The answer is yes! While designing the systems and environments to withstand a pandemic weren't at the forefront, perhaps we did foresee the need for adaptability in a society that has a limitless infrastructure for knowledge. Consider, what building blocks were in place that allowed school districts to thrive this past year; what building blocks were missing that inhibited others from doing the same—technology, space, training, a common language, etc? How can we anticipate what’s next and build the blocks (over time) to support it? This session explores design solutions at multiple K-12 schools that have responded to “disruptive forces” from within education, from a technological advancement or from change in society. What was the catalyst, how was information (concrete and conceptual) harnessed, and what building blocks were put in place that will allow the facilities to adapt to change today and over the next 50 years? We will provide a forum for presentation, attendee feedback and conversation, and a multi-media approach.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand features of the built environment that support dynamic change.
2. Understand features of education and educational delivery that support transformation.
3. Explore our role as architects and educators in bringing ideas to the forefront, establishing credibility around those ideas and supporting broad adoption (such as virtual learning and AI).
4. Explore elements of a creative process that focus on what can be achieved in a present and future that is dynamic.

Dr. Justin Terry, Superintendent, Forney ISD
Justin is the Superintendent of Forney ISD. He has more than 20 years of experience in education. He joined Forney ISD in 2013 as the Assistant Superintendent of Accountability and Learning and was named the District’s Deputy Superintendent in 2014. During his tenure as Deputy Superintendent, Justin has developed a systemic approach to the Forney ISD Collaborative Learning Community involving students, parents, businesses and community partnerships to ensure student success. Additional advancements under his leadership include implementing Brain Based Learning, the implementation of a 1:1 Chromebook program and developing the student Synergy program. Other enhancements include the development of new higher education partnerships for dual-credit courses, which have resulted a 50 percent reduction in tuition expenses for students and an increase in student participation by 60 percent. Justin also oversaw the redesign of the District Career and Technology Education (CTE) Program as well as the development of a Future Ready Curriculum. He also led an advisory committee in developing and adopting the District of Innovation Plan for Forney ISD.

Greg Louviere, AIA, Director of Design, Huckabee
Greg brings more than 25 years of experience, with the last decade focused on learning environments. He believes in human-centered design, in looking at how a space can influence our daily lives and the world around us. When partnering with clients, Greg seeks to create spaces that foster meaningful interactions and that seamlessly meld real-world, social and academic experiences.

Kerri Ranney, AIA, ALEP, Vice President of Educational Practice, Huckabee
Kerri focuses on educational planning, educational research, school safety / security and change management. She helps clients shape the learning experience by facilitating in-depth conversations and explorations on vision, curriculum and space. Kerri is currently leading the charge to rewrite the School Facility Standards for the State of Texas and serves on the board of directors for the Texas School Safety Center. She also plays an important leadership role in the LEx Collaborative, a partnership between Huckabee, ESC Region 12 and Baylor University that focuses on educational research and the built environment’s impact on student success. Most recently, Kerri co-authored an international book about the role of Career and Technical Education in 21st century learning. 

Association for Learning Environments (A4LE)

LearningSCAPES 2021

October 14-17
Hyatt Regency | Denver, CO