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The Power of Unlearning: Rethinking Education to Empower Modern Learners  

Michelle Chavey

Dr. Jamie Dial 

Hollis+Miller, Park Hill SD

Domains: Learning, Context

Course Level: Intermediate

Learning Units: 1 LU

Room: A703

Friday, October 27, 2017 @ 9:00 am


Our brains naturally take the path of least resistance when faced with challenge, using previous experiences to assess situations and move forward in a way that is familiar and safe. However, as we chart the course of a new approach for learning, we must unhinge the part of the brain that takes us down a safe and familiar route. Join us to take the first steps of 'unlearning' what have become the artifacts of education to create nimble curriculum and space for shifting generations. We'll discuss real world application of these ideas by a district that is challenging what high school education means for Generation Z, designing well supported curriculum and innovative, non-traditional learning space. By challenging what school and learning looks like, feels like and how and where it is facilitated, we can focus on the bigger picture of empowering modern learners that can navigate a rapidly changing world.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Participants will become familiar with brain based research and the opportunity for adults and students to 'unlearn' and create deeper learning experiences.
  2. Participants will gain knowledge on unique aspects of generational differences, including generation Z and how to respond with curriculum and environment.
  3. Participants will be exposed to a balanced approach of rethinking education - challenging paradigms while still existing in the current world of meeting standards requirements.
  4. Participants will see examples and discuss how a school district has created a new model of educating high school students that includes redesigned curriculum and challenges what space for learning looks and feels like.