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The (un)Classroom: Environments that Support
Personal & Immersive Learning

Karina Ruiz, Senior Principal

Heather Beck, Superintendent

David Johnson, Senior Associate

DOWA-IBI, Lake Oswego SD

Domains: Learning, Toolbox   

Course Level: Beginner

Learning Units: 1 LU

Room: A703

Friday, October 27, 2017 @ 4:30 pm


It is no longer the future that requires a shift in how we teach and learn, it is the present. For over 100 years, the classrooms in our schools have remain largely unchanged. It’s time we begin to move towards the (un)Classroom. Students of the future will be distinctly different from those of yesterday or today. They will embark on unique educational journeys based on their interests, goals, and abilities. They will develop critical, core competencies as a result of highly personalized and immersive learning experiences. The development of these critical, core competencies—thinking, creating, and communicating—requires students to engage in and explore a wide variety of highly connected learning activities. These pedagogical developments demand a new design. Individual study spaces, studios, seminar spaces, gathering areas, stages, and exhibition areas will be used by students based on their particular interests, personalities, and needs. Each student will follow a unique path enhanced by the variety of spaces provided in their (un)classroom environment. Shaped by ideas developed for the XQ Challenge to ReThink High School, the (un)Classroom explores how today’s architects and educational leaders can work together to create spaces that act as a complement to teaching and learning in revolutionary ways. Join us as we explore together how these ideas can shape your practice, your schools and the future of learning as we know it.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Participants will learn the core competencies of the Next Generation Learner
  2. Participants will understand how design & the design thinking process can become catalysts for change
  3. Participants will be given tools to implement changes to their classroom designs, at all budget levels, to better support learning
  4. Participants will learn from exemplar learning environments that showcase these design ideas