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A Revised Lesson Plan for Student Success

Steve Slifka 

Steelcase Education


Course Level: 

Learning Units: 1 LU/HSW

Room: A601

Saturday, October 28, 2017 @ 3:15 pm

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How can we support the whole learner - cognitively, emotionally, physically and socially?

Today’s students face an ever-complex, ever-shifting landscape of knowledge, and their success extends beyond the mastery of rote facts. Yet research shows that engagement declines as students move through their high school and postsecondary educations. Further, only 36% of hiring professionals feel that colleges and universities are preparing students for the outside world as the gap between traditional and evolving views of student success continues to widen. This session will share insights from Steelcase Education research and design work from Perkins+Will to illustrate the immense opportunity to rethink how we ready students for a more creative economy and an evolving future – while supporting their diverse backgrounds, skills, hopes and dreams. In this session, we will examine the tensions students encounter and ways the built environment can help students think better, feel better and be healthier. This session will explore how a connected system of active learning spaces can contribute to a high-impact student success strategy.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand macro issues that impact student engagement and workforce readiness. 
  2. Learn ways in which learning institutions can broaden the definition of student success. 
  3. See how this knowledge can be applied in a micro-way across the built environment. 
  4. Explore design opportunities to create a connected system of active learning spaces that support diverse learning styles.